About Supadeurali

Supa Derail Temple (Supa Deural Mandir) is a Hindu temple dedicated to devi which is situated in the town of arghakhanchi district, sandhikharka municipality in province no.5,Nepal.It isĀ  one of the famous pilgrimage site of western NepalĀ  surrounded by magnificent hills. This place is worth visit for pilgrimage purpose as well as sightseeing a panoramic view.

Supa Deurali is connected with a myth story of a Lahure “the soldier in Indian army”. It is believed that when he was going to India he worship in the temple and vowed to the deity that if he return safely he will offer golden chain to the temple. He was successful in his mission but while returning back home he ignore and pass the way secretly. The miraculous power of Supadeurali brought him in temple and set the Lahure affixed at the middle of rock to be statue. The statue of lahura can still be visible in the rock near temple. The importance of the significance of the devotees that can be seen here is increasing every day.

The deity has not only fulfilled the wish of many devotees but also it has been a boon for many children who are receiving education as the blessing of the deity.